Our City Productions

Creative Services


Professional headshots, product photography or just accurate images of your business for a website, marketing, or Google.


How do you use the videos and photography we shoot for you?
We can distribute your ad to local television (Spectrum), streaming services (e.g. Hulu, Youtube TV) and social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube) to ensure the widest reach possible.

Media Conversion

We can preserve and convert your older media.
We currently transfer 8mm, Super 8mm film, photo slides, VHS, Super VHS, Mini DV, 8mm Video, Mini VHS and Mini DVD to DVD or MP4 formats.

We can also covert digital files to other formats such as MOV, MP4 and AVI etc. Learn more about media conversion here.


We have partnered with Stray Cat Digital, who are know for creating unique, effective and affordable websites. Websites can ensure that your customers see the best your business or organization has to offer.

Stray Cat Digital also offers marketing consulting, marketing training and technical services such as SEO, performance audits competitor audits.