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How to Choose Background Music for Your Promotional Video

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It’s very easy to get hung up on visuals when making a promotional video for your company. I mean, let’s be honest video is all about the visual, right? Everybody loves drone shots, quick clips of your employees in action, or a cool angle on that unique piece of equipment that sets your company apart. But, let’s not forget about the audio- specifically the background music.

The Importance of Background Music in Video Production

Take a minute to think about some of the most popular motion pictures of all time. Part of what makes them memorable is the music. For example, even if you have never seen Jaws you probably know that ominous music. That simple “Dah-nah… dah-nah…” puts the audience into a mood within seconds. They know what that music means and they know the feelings it conveys.

Watch this clip we made showing the difference music can make in a scene:

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Background Music

Now, your promotional video may not be a Hollywood event, but you certainly want to get a positive response from your target audience/prospective clients! With so much music out there, which one is best for you? Here’s a few tips:

Don’t Rely on Trendy or Popular Music

You may want to use a recent hit song. However, that song is likely under copyright and using it without proper permissions or fees can get you in serious trouble.

Look Beyond Your Personal Favorites

We all have personal likes and dislikes when it comes to music, but sometimes that needs to be put aside to give your viewers the right vibe. That country tune may sound great, but does it really fit the video for your catering company?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Music

What feeling do you want to promote to your audience? Comfort and relaxation? Speed and dependability? Maybe humor or fun? Think of your background music selection as the seasoning to your video. It’s not right up front but it has a major impact on how viewers will respond.

Using Instrumental Music Versus Music with Lyrics

It’s very common to hear lyrical music in movies during a montage scene. Hearing “Bad to the Bone” while the hero suits up for battle is pretty cool. However, if you are delivering important information during your video, song lyrics can distract from your message. Instrumental music is easier and, believe it or not, more effective!

Considering Your Target Audience

Take a minute and think about who is most likely to take advantage of your business. Picking music that appeals to your target audience is extremely important. The first few notes they hear can motivate their decision to stop and watch your video or move on!

We can help select the right background music for you!

Our City Productions utilizes an impressive library of music that can perfectly accent your company’s promotional video or social media advertisement. Contact us today at [email protected] or call us at 330-249-1888 to make an appointment. We want to help make your business bloom!

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